Industrial Hygiene

Legionella Testing at a Large Midwestern Hospital

Healthcare Project

Owner:  Regional Hospital
Services Provided:  Legionella Testing
Status:  Conducted Annually

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Project Summary:
AMI was hired to conduct Legionella water testing for a large healthcare facility. Sample collection and monitoring is performed in accordance with the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) guideline 12-2000.  Scope of services includes ongoing water sample collection and legionella control monitoring. Strategic sampling locations are identified within the building water systems, and if necessary outside of the building. Tank and pre-flush samples are then collected utilizing appropriate methods and cultured on specific media for the presence of Legionella bacteria. Samples will be collected quarterly and a formal report addressing laboratory results and findings will be received within 2 days of the receipt of sampling results. Facility is approximately 135,000 sq. feet and includes 34 specialty clinics and employs 1, 750 people.